SMS Text Reminders

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e-Res can automatically send your customers an SMS text reminder containing their booking details for any/all of the following…

  • At the time of booking. (the instant SMS containing booking details)
  • 24 hours before the booking is due to take place. (the reminder)
  • A specified number of hours after the booking has occured (the “follow up” message)
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SMS messages are a great way to reduce no-shows as they either…

  • reminder the customer to turn-up if they have forgotten about their reservation
  • OR prompt them to call and cancel if they are unable to make it allowing the table to be re-let to another customer

The step-by-step below shows how to configure the SMS text service within e-Res.

Step 1

Click on the “SMS & Email” tab at the top of the screen and then select

Step 2

This will then open the “Settings” screen with the SMS section highlighted.

Check that the SMS Sender ID is set to a value which identifies your restaurant.  It can be up to 11 alpha-numeric characters but spaces are ignored so make use of upper and lower case characters to identify individual words.

Step 3

To enable the SMS service, we simply need to check any combination of the 3 boxes shown in the middle of the screen.

We can also click on the Configure option to customise the SMS messages which customers receive as shown below…