e-Restaurant History

18 August 2017 – Version

  • Added Reservation Chart printing option
  • Further improvements to the table plan view
  • Added “Invoices” button on Administration tab
  • Improved network communication if connection drops
  • Improvements to reservation saving
  • Fixes to Allow overbook times/tables when saving reservations
  • Other minor fixes and updates


 30 July 2017 – Version

  • Added “Table next used” feature to floor plan view
  • Added support for SMS sending in Greece
  • Added support for SMS sending in Cyprus
  • Fixed occasional issue with Adabic (Unicode) names
  • Other minor fixes and updates.


28 July 2017 – Version

  • Updates to the Floor Plan and Floor Plan designer
  • Fixed Delete Table function within the configuration
  • Implemented the Table Optimiser function
  • Other minor fixes and updates


12 July 2017 – Version

  • Floor plan now supports drag/dropping of reservations
  • Added CTRL+Drag for splitting reservations over multiple tables
  • Fixed issue with deleting Meals in the configuration screen


11 July 2017 – Version

  • Updated OpenSSL *.dll’s to latest versions.
  • Meals now ordered by “earliest time” when “all rooms” selected.
  • Fixed minor issue with displaying Arabic (unicode) text
  • Fixed issues with running on older Windows XP machines.
  • Fixed issue with Last User on the login screen
  • Fixed issue where “Time Blocking” indicator didn’t appear on main screen.
  • Other minor fixes and updates


10 July 2017 – Version

  • Fixed issue with deleted meals appearing in the meal selection list


09 July 2017 – Version

  • Fixed issue with Web booking module Mailing list checkbox
  • Fixed issue with Web Booking daily cut-off time not being used.

07 July 2017 – Version

  • Fixed issue with Facebook integration
  • Fixed issue with Unicode text (i.e. Arabic)
  • Fixed issue with blank reports being generated.


06 July 2017 – Version

  • Updated the MailChimp sync service to use the latest MailChimp API
  • Fixed small issue with code-signing the installer/*.exe files
  • Fixed issue with the popup table selection box appearing in the wrong position


05 July 2017 – Version

  • Fixed issue with screens falling behind main screen.