New Setup Wizard

We’ve been busy over the past 2 months updating many areas of the e-Restaurant system including improvements to several screens, bug fixes and code optimisations which have resulted in a much faster, more responsive system.

We’re almost ready to release the update and we’re confident You’ll like it. We’re pretty excited about this one!

One of the areas which has had an overhaul is the setup wizard for new installations. We’ve improved the workflow to be simpler and more intuitive for new installs.  We’ve provided a walk-through of the new setup wizard below…

Step 1 – Select Setup Option


Step 2 – Room selection


Step 3 – Meal & Meal Time Selection


Step 4 – Days Selection for Meals


Step 5 – Table Configuration


Step 6 – SMS Reminder Setup


Step 7 – Your Details


Step 8 – Enter the access code we emailed



And that’s it…

Once you have entered the access code, click on “Register” and your database will be created. You’re now ready to start taking reservations and exploring the e-Restaurant system.

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